[horde] horde authentication

Tony Earnshaw tonni at billy.demon.nl
Fri Jan 3 23:37:12 PST 2003

lør, 2003-01-04 kl. 07:56 skrev cyko:

> I'm receiving the following error when trying to log into Horde: 
> A fatal error has occurred:
> Required 'phptype' not specified in authentication configuration.
> [line 89 of /usr/local/www/mail/horde/lib/Auth/sql.php]
> Details have been logged for the administrator. 

You said "any info", so o.k.

I had this when I first started with Horde - but can't remember how it
got solved :-/ It went away in the end - in spite of what you have done,
it might have been a database error.

What I *did* do though, was to back up Auth/sql.php, then start
inserting PHP 'print' and 'foreach' statements into the thing until I
could see what was happening. You could even duplicate the $params
values at the top of the script, first, to see if they really are being

Then there are things like the PHP version, global variables being on or
off in php.ini, etc. - thogh the latter shouldn't matter.




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