[horde] Intro

Michael Pawlowsky mjpawlowsky at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 5 21:21:52 PST 2003


I just joined the list and wanted to introduce myself.

I've been developing web applications since the
release of Mosaic. Created one of the first daily
newspapers online as well
as one of 3 dating agencies on Yahoo at the time.
Before that I was doing system administration and
creating gopher tools
and console applications. And before that running

I opened up a web dev shop way back when .coms were
in, which later on focused it's attentions
in the medical field, providing continuing medical
education courses over the net and
creating medical community portals (mostly in
cardiology). Although the company did
survive the .com bust I decided to leave last year to
do a bit of sailing. Well now I'm
back and doing some consulting but find myself with
some time on my hands.
I found Horde while searching for a web front end to

I have been administering *nix systems for about 17
years (Started with A/UX)
and also been involved in networking for the past 10
or so.

I was a SGI/Cisco Reseller (in the start of the web
dev days) and have been programming web applications
in everything from
Pascal, C/C++, VBscript, JavaScript, PL/SQL, SQL/c,
Pro/C. And the past 5-6 years mostly using ColdFusion
and PHP.

I just kind of wanted to hang around a bit and see if
there would be someplace I might be needed.

Hope to hear from some of you!


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