[horde] passwd normalisation

dominique.dalponte at utbm.fr Dominique.Dalponte at utbm.fr
Tue Feb 25 04:35:59 PST 2003


  I install the passwd module (passwd-2.2.tar.gz)

  in all the application, there is an icon for the toolbar :
  for imp     /imp/graphics/imp.gif
  for mnemo   /mnemo/graphics/mnemo.gif
  for turba   /turba/graphics/turba.gif

but for passwd module    /passwd/graphics/lock.gif

perhaps is a good idea to rename the file to /passwd/graphics/passwd.gif


Dominique Dalponte
Utbm, Centre de Ressource en informatique
90010 Belfort Cedex, France
tél : 03/84/58/31/49    http://www.utbm.fr

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