[horde] IHow can I obtain username and password to login.

wang hu kongyishi at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 25 05:10:07 PST 2003

this problem has confused me for a long time.I have successfully ONLY 
installed horde(not including imp and others)on my redhat 8.0 linux box.I 
have also created my HORDE mysql database.And I have only changed my 
horde.php file. Here is part of my horde.php file:

// What backend should we use for authenticating users to Horde? Valid
// options are currently 'imap', 'ldap', 'mcal', 'sql', 'ftp' and 'krb5'.
$conf['auth']['driver'] = 'imap';

// An array holding any parameters that the Auth object will need to
// function correctly.
$conf['auth']['params'] = array();

// For IMAP, this is the server name, port, protocol, etc.
$conf['auth']['params']['dsn'] = '{localhost:143/imap}INBOX';

// See $conf['prefs']['params'] further down for an example how to
// setup a SQL backend. But you must use the horde_users SQL table for
// the authentication driver. A SQL script can be found in
// horde/scripts/db/auth.sql.

// For kerberos (krb5) logins, see horde/lib/Auth/krb5.php for
// instructions.
** Preference System Settings

// What preferences driver should we use? Valid values are 'none'
// (meaning use system defaults and don't save any user preferences),
// 'session' (preferences only persist during the login), 'ldap',
// and 'sql'.
#$conf['prefs']['driver'] = 'none';
$conf['prefs']['driver'] = 'sql';
// Any parameters that the preferences driver needs. This includes
// database or ldap server, username/password to connect with, etc.
$conf['prefs']['params'] = array();

// This is an example configuration for a MySQL preference backend.
// The SQL script to setup the preference database is placed in
// horde/scripts/db/prefs.sql.
$conf['prefs']['params']['phptype'] = 'mysql';
$conf['prefs']['params']['hostspec'] = 'localhost';
$conf['prefs']['params']['username'] = 'horde';
$conf['prefs']['params']['password'] = '*****';
$conf['prefs']['params']['database'] = 'horde';
$conf['prefs']['params']['table'] = 'horde_prefs';

Now,Can I log in without imp and any other modules installed?
If so,how can I obtain my username and passwd to login HORDE.

Thank you very much for your help.

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