[horde] desperate, please help: add to address book

Chuck Hagenbuch chuck at horde.org
Tue Feb 25 07:11:50 PST 2003

Quoting Antoine Jacoutot <ajacoutot at lphp.org>:

>  either the email address or the name becomes --> "" .
>  In clear, if I want to add "My Friend <friend at email.com>" to the address
> book,
>  here is what I get for real in TURBA:
>  Name = My Friend
>  Email = "" (sometimes I get --> Email = "" <friend at email.com> )

This has been well documented on the mailing lists - probably the IMP list,
but a search should find it - and is a bug in your PHP/c-client combo, I
believe. It has nothing to do with Horde, IMP, or Turba.


Charles Hagenbuch, <chuck at horde.org>
must ... find ... acorns ... *thud*

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