[horde] Strange Problem

Eric Rostetter eric.rostetter at physics.utexas.edu
Tue Feb 25 11:46:59 PST 2003

Quoting James Kelty <jkelty at pdx.edu>:

> This system works well, and we have a modules that some developers here
> wrote, called accounts. This module has a couple of
> options in it like vacactions, and forwars

You sure your developers wrote those?  Not just the standard horde modules

> the log says the following, and the user is kicked back to the login
> screen when using Mozilla 1.2.1, and IE 5.5 and 6.0:
> - - [25/Feb/2003:10:53:37 -0800] "GET /vacation/
> HTTP/1.1" 302 5
> - - [25/Feb/2003:10:53:37 -0800] "GET
> HTTP/1.1" 302 5

It is failing the login check in /vacation/lib/base.php probably.  Could
be your php setup, or could be something else (session problem, or old code
that needs updating).  What you are seeing is that when you hit it, it
thinks it isn't logged in and redirects to the login page.  On valid
login, it should come back to the correct place.
> Now, I' m not asking anyone here to debug our developers modules, but I
> am just wondering is this is a browser issue or not.

Could be, if the browser has cookies turned off.  Otherwise no.

> IE has never worked
> properly with this, and always genarates this strange access_log entry.
> IE 5.5 and 6.0 also does not work with the first configuration.

Then you might want to look into the more current sork modules instead.
> Thanks for any input!
> -James

Eric Rostetter
The Department of Physics
The University of Texas at Austin

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