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Hi there !

We are a VSAT based nationwide, broadband ISP based in Nigeria.
We have a dedicated server at Memset for a mail server for our clients.
I liked the Horde interface better than the Neomail.
But I have some problems configuring it and customizing it to my
Is there some way i can do it from a GUI from my end.
I did a SSH login to the server but could not locate the file in which it
Welcome to Horde. I need to change that, a few colours and the frame.

I can give you a reference.
I need it to be like

I want that top frame to be here also and the same kind of colours.
Basically I want to stick to blue, dark or light.

How do we go about it ?
I want it like yesterday.

Please get back to me ASAP.
Thank You.

Best Regards,

Shreejit R. Menon
Head ( Technical Operations )
Direct On PC Limited, Nigeria
Board Lines:+234(1)7737400-04 Extn.203
Direct Line:  +234(1)7900668
Cell Phone:  +234-8037758249
shreejit at directonpc.com

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