[horde] one last problem...

Bill Dossett bd at emtex.com
Wed Feb 26 06:43:32 PST 2003


I just got horde/imp working... everythings seemed sweet, but then I 
just noticed after
I ended the session and then tried to login after restarting the browser 
that I get an
error.  I go to my host (not working that great yet, so I'm using 
example.com ... )


I put in my user and password  and then I get an error page with this on it:

Notice: Undefined index: params in 
/home/httpd/htdocs/horde/lib/Registry.php on line 589

Warning: Cannot add header information - headers already sent by (output 
started at /home/httpd/htdocs/horde/lib/Registry.php:589) in 
/home/httpd/htdocs/horde/imp/redirect.php on line 84

If I hit return in the address bar, it reloads and my mail comes up 
fine... but as I'm about ready to
let my users start playing with it, I don't want them to get freaked out 
and discouraged by this...

I did look at the code a bit, but I never was much of a php programmer 
and my perl is old and rusty...
so if anyone knows what this is caused by?



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