[horde] Re: Language problem

Markus Boettger markus.boettger at rrz.uni-hamburg.de
Wed Feb 26 07:14:51 PST 2003

Hm, good idea - but it's not the same text - I mean in some cases the 
text appears in the language which had been choosen at login.
To make an example:
at login set language to "deutsch"
in preferences/filters: the headline comes up with:
"Filterregeln bearbeiten",
the checkbox-texts are: "
Apply filter rules upon logging on?
Apply filter rules when mailbox is refreshed?
Display message when filters have been applied?"

When I 'logout and login' or 'change the browser' or 'take another 
workstation' all the text is "sometimes" german.

There are many other examples (so that's why I post it here).
Have you had this problem too?


Jan Schneider schrieb:
> Quoting Markus Boettger <markus.boettger at rrz.uni-hamburg.de>:
>>Yesterday I set up the whole ApacheSSL/PHP/Horde/Imp/Turba/Sork - thing
>>new and everything works best! I used the stable releases of the
>>packages above.
>>One thing is mysterious: even if the user logs in with a language
>>setting of (eg.) 'deutsch', parts of the texts (eg.) in
>>preferences/filters comes up in english. So does the default message of
>>vacation in the text-field, but the surrounding text is shown in english.
>>Can you tell me why?
> If it's always the same text that shows in English, it probably just hasn't
> been translated.
> Jan.
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