[horde] error loggin into horde

Christiaan DeRuiter cdr00 at earthlink.net
Wed Feb 26 11:08:09 PST 2003

Thanks Chuck,

Unfortunately, I cannot find anything on how to configure that  (md5) and how to setup the accounts.
I do not even get a message that the access is denied.
When setting the login to allow guest it doesn't do a thing for me.

$this->applications['chora'] = array(
    'fileroot' => dirname(__FILE__) . '/../chora',
    'webroot' => $this->applications['horde']['webroot'] . '/chora',
    'icon' => $this->applications['horde']['webroot'] . '/chora/graphics/chora.gif',
    'name' => _("CVS"),
    'allow_guests' => true,
    'status' => 'inactive'

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> Quoting Christiaan DeRuiter <cdr00 at earthlink.net>:

> So to accomplish this I need to gain access to horde.

Yes, but you can also set allow_guests to try for chora, if you don't need 

> I created an account into horde_users named test with password testing.
> The password is stored encrypted.

It needs to be md5'd, not run through mysql's password function.


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