[horde] Warning when activating portal (HEAD)

Jan Kuipers jrkuipers at lauwerscollege.nl
Wed Feb 26 15:07:30 PST 2003

Citeren Jan Kuipers <jrkuipers at lauwerscollege.nl>:

> A snap of februari 23 also works fine!

Another thing, which maybe related is: I get the "parent.document.title" as 
title of the main window. In other words in stead of showing My Summary as 
title I see something like this:

Horde :: <a href="https://....../imp/" onmouseout="window.status='';" 
onmouseover="window.status='E-mail'; return true;" class="header">E-mail</a> - 
<a href="javascript:open_compose_win('thismailbox=INBOX');" 
onmouseout="window.status='';" onmouseover="window.status='Nieuw bericht'; 
return true;" class="smallheader"><img 
src="https://...../imp/graphics/compose.gif" border="0" alt="Nieuw bericht" 
title="Nieuw bericht" />Nieuw bericht</a>';

as title

Jan Kuipers
Systeembeheer Lauwers College

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