[horde] php 4.3.1 problems with horde and imp (imap) very ugent pleas do not ignore we need help

Gerhard W. Recher hostmaster at netpilot.net
Wed Feb 26 15:47:24 PST 2003

Hi Jan,

We also build up the c-client from scratch.

all other functions are running !! we testet this with squirrel  latested 
version. no problem at all to see the mails and get all details...
only Imp does not the intendet function !

we made only a copy Crypt/*.php from a backup, because the new pear does 
not have this auth functions....

we made no changes to the existing horde framework.

... lost in a maze...

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Jan Schneider <jan at horde.org>
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27.02.2003 00:38

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        Subject:        Re: [horde] php 4.3.1 problems with horde and imp (imap) very   ugent 
pleas   do not ignore we need help

Quoting "Gerhard W. Recher" <hostmaster at netpilot.net>:

> we have a serious problem :
> we had a running configuration on RAQ4 with php from pkgmaster and 
> horde files... overall NO problem
> now we build up php from src with gd 2 support.
> all funtion are running exept imap.. we get no output or errors like
> Warning: imap_fetchheader(): Bad message number in
> /home/sites/home/web/horde/imp/view.php on line 84

Are you sure you (or someone else) didn't change anything in Horde? Is
anything else not working?

If it's really only PHP that you changed, a wild guess is that you now 
a PHP versions that doesn't work well with you c-client. Try another 
or older) version (of the c-client).


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