[horde] webmail on 2 domain problem

Ken Howell khowell at QueenCity.ca
Thu Feb 27 06:50:00 PST 2003

I have 2 domains running Horde for webmail and both domains are on the
same server. I login in to domain 1 at webmail.domain1.com and login to
the second at webmail.domain2.com Both contain the same email address
(for example khowell at domain1.com and khowell at domain2.com)

When I log into domain2 (which has different default identity settings
than the other), I get all the emails from domain1 and 2 listed.

Any idea why this is happening?

Can I have the same email name on 2 domains?

Ken Howell
khowell at QueenCity.ca

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