AW: [horde] webmail on 2 domain problem

Gerhard W. Recher hostmaster at
Thu Feb 27 09:48:41 PST 2003


there is this realm field in your servers.php.
i think this has to be used on such virtual host setups

maybe without this it is not possible for horde to decide between
these two identities,if they have the same username...

just an idea becaus i saw it in the config once... ;)

good luck


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>> this is a sort of mixing up things !

1) user at domain.tld may be user99 in real unix !
2) you may have diffrent e-mail aliases like sales at domain.tld and 
office at domain.tld pointing to one REAL user user99 !

so ever user on any system (Unix or Win or...) is unique !



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