[horde] webmail on 2 domain problem

eculp at encontacto.net eculp at encontacto.net
Thu Feb 27 10:57:20 PST 2003

Quoting Ken Howell <khowell at QueenCity.ca>:

 | I have 2 domains running Horde for webmail and both domains are on the
 | same server. I login in to domain 1 at webmail.domain1.com and login to
 | the second at webmail.domain2.com Both contain the same email address
 | (for example khowell at domain1.com and khowell at domain2.com)
 | When I log into domain2 (which has different default identity settings
 | than the other), I get all the emails from domain1 and 2 listed.
 | Any idea why this is happening?

AFAIK, this is totally independent of HORDE/IMP etc.  You must be able to
configure Virtual Domains.  Courier and Cyrus do this well.  These users
will not need systems accounts and you can use your favorite db or directory
for their login information.  Both Courier and Cyrus would require you to 
login with khowell at domain2.com or knowell at domain.com.  That is why there
is a "VINFO" hook in HORDE that will allow you to login as knowell and
use $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] to complete the @domain[12].com based on the url.

Since this is somewhat out of the realm of IMP configuration, more 
information would probably be needed to give you additional tips.  I'm 
sure there are folks on this list that have every imaginable combination
and configuration possible and would be willing to help with yours.

Good luck,

 | Can I have the same email name on 2 domains?
 | Ken Howell
 | khowell at QueenCity.ca
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