[horde] Horde/Imp and POP customers

Jean Pierre Lainé laine at unilim.fr
Fri Feb 28 06:26:02 PST 2003


I use the last version of Horde and Imp on Mandrake 9.0 and Imap ( 
UwImap )

I consult my messages by Konquerror or the electronic mail of
Mac OS X via a POP customer, and I leave my messages during 5 days on
the server of mail (pop server)

When I consult my my messages via horde/Imp I do not have a

If I deconnecte of the Horde/Imp application and if I consult my
messages via my POP customer (Konquerror or Mail Mac OS X) I again
receive all the messages of the Pop server as if they all were new.

I pay attention to be disconnected well from my POP customer before
consulting my mails by Horde/Imp

Why the old messages remained on the server are regarded as new
when I consult them by my customer of POP electronic mail.

Thank you very much for your assistance.

Laine Jean Pierre
Service Commun Informatique
Université de Limoges

E-mail : laine at unilim.fr
Tél. : 33  ( 0 )5 55 45 77 08
         : 33  ( 0 )5 55 45 75 75
Fax : 33  ( 0 )5 55 45 75 95

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