[horde] Re: Horde bug

Eric Rostetter eric.rostetter at physics.utexas.edu
Tue Mar 25 15:07:19 PST 2003

Quoting Frontier Internet <rict at frontier.net>:

> Hey All,

"All" is just me.  You should join the horde mailing list at 
http://lists.horde.org/ (see also http://www.horde.org/mail/ for info)
and ask your question there.

> 	I am Assisting a customer with webmail on a Mac - using IE 4.5 - when
> he is prompted to login the default language option is set to Chinese ?

I've seen this before, on a Mac with IE using AOL.  Any chance you use or
have installed the AOL software?

> I walked his browser settings and wasn't given much to work with (java -
> text ect.) Thinking it was a fluke I opened the same version on my mac
> and I received the same error - weird ? why?

Don't know.  In rare cases, which so far seem to be all AOL Mac machines, this
is known to happen.  Only happens with IE, not netscape and friends.

> I set his prefered language
> in options to english logged out and back in but same results..and ideas?

The login screen gets the language from the browser, and the browser is 
telling it chinese.  I've never ran down the problem any more than this,
and don't have such a Mac in my posession to test/debug the problem.

> 	Thanks,
> 	     Ric

Eric Rostetter
The Department of Physics
The University of Texas at Austin

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