[horde] can't save preferences

Marco Dinacci marco at icenet.it
Wed Mar 26 03:48:47 PST 2003


I'm using the latest stable version of horde, turba, imp, kronolith,
chora and nag. 
I can't save preferences in none of these applications, and I don't get
any error messages.

For example, in nag if I add a category and then I try to create a new
task I don't found the category created with the others in the list.

In imp I would like to display 10 messages per page, I update the
option, get the confirmation message but then I see always 20 msg per
page instead of 10.

This is the prefs configuration in horde.php:

$conf['prefs']['driver'] = 'sql';
$conf['prefs']['params'] = array();
$conf['prefs']['params']['phptype'] = 'mysql';
$conf['prefs']['params']['hostspec'] = 'localhost';
$conf['prefs']['params']['username'] = 'myusername';
$conf['prefs']['params']['password'] = 'mypassword';
$conf['prefs']['params']['database'] = 'horde';
$conf['prefs']['params']['table'] = 'horde_prefs';

This horde_prefs table is always empty, and I wonder why since the
parameters for the connection are correct...
Am I missing something ?


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