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E. Warkentin horde at ew-net.de
Thu Mar 27 16:20:31 PST 2003


"Jeroen Huinink" <j.huinink at wanadoo.nl> wrote in
news:b5vllq$thp$1 at main.gmane.org:

> A Horde download manager is something that I would like to have as well.
> Exactly what are you planning? Can I be of assistance?

Well, I'm planning (and started today) something like a doenload manager.
The requirements are as followed:

Populate a list of downloads, with author, homepage of author, url of
download location, description, comments, changelog, etc. for each download.

As well, it's a must-have that I can manage rights for each download: each
download should only be visible to the user-group (which I already
generated). Here, I'm thinking of something like whups, where each module
has its own rights.

Hopefully, you can be of assistance :-) since I have no plan how to do this.
I've already done the actual download list with summary, changelog view,
adding an download, editing and deleting and making is read-only for
non-admin users.

My problem now is, that I have to add permissions (I already defined a field
in the db table) for each download transparently and not staticly (first, I
thought of looking in the already defined permissions for the user-group and
then simply hard-copy them to my db field - that wouldnt work, I think) and
so I have to start from scratch always looking at whups.

So I have to write a class like Whups_Driver ( I would call it
Download_Driver ) which handles all db operations (never worked with
PEAR::DB though ) and a second class like Whups (-> Download) which would do
the rest... but I have no idea hwo to handle my download list in a class...
Some experience to C++ makes me think of a small class representing a single
download and attach a list of those to my Download class, but how do I
handle permissions at that point?

As you see, I'm quite desperate, and I would appreciate you help :-))
(Hoping you're still interested in the module I'm planning). Although
developing this module is my job at the moment, I really would like to grant
it to the official horde package in some future... as far as it is of public

What do you think?

I hope I didnt shock you with all this...

Eduard Warkentin

Set a CC to you pm, since I'm experiencing some problems with news.gmane.org
at the moment...

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