AW: AW: AW: [horde] language-problem

Udo Schubert news4dadirtyluk at
Mon Mar 31 12:29:26 PST 2003

>ok, there is also a checkbox for the 24 hours view, and i choose the 24

>but for exemple in imp the hours is displayd in am/pm and in the horde
>there was showed correctly in 24 hours.

i suppose you mean the date that is displayed for an opened message right?

i THINK this may be only the headers of the mail and no somehow 'converted'

>the second problem is, that the month-name is displayed in english. where
can i
>change this to display also in german?

for some reasons the translation is sometimes not complete,but in my
installation kronolith show all months,days and such formatted in german!

-> Montag Marz 31,2003 zum bleistift

ebenso in hermes (zeiterfassung)!

oops...back to english...   ;-)

again: which version?

best regards


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