[horde] FYI Error in rakim.sql

Michael C. Ibarra ibarra at hawk.com
Fri Apr 4 07:32:13 PST 2003

Quoting Chuck Hagenbuch <chuck at horde.org>:

> Quoting "Michael C. Ibarra" <ibarra at hawk.com>:
> > I get the follwing error when I try to create the rakim tables:
> >
> > ERROR 1064 at line 60: You have an error in your SQL syntax near ')' at
> > line 10
> Either this has already been fixed in CVS, or your db doesn't like something
> that's fine with mine.

Yup, you are right again. I must have done a cvs at the same time as your
recent commit.

Thanks, now for testing :)


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