[horde] Horde / HTML_Common / HTML_Select

johns at bsfc.ac.uk johns at bsfc.ac.uk
Tue Apr 22 06:00:26 PDT 2003

Hi All

I am building a new mailserver here at work, and as such, installing a new 
copy of horde.

I am running 

Solaris 9

I have configured all the options for Horde, but when I go to the test page, 
it said that
the PEAR Modules


were not installed, I installed Date ok, but when I try to install the other 

pear install HTML_Common  - installs OK
pear install HTML_Select  - does not exist on the pear site, it is referred to 
as HTML_Common_Select

the pear installation reports no problmes and installs them fine, but the 
horde test page still 
shows up that they are not installed.  I have 'unregistered' the session to 
make sure.

Any Advice

John Szkudlapski
Web Manager
Birkenhead Sixth Form College

Birkenhead 6th Form College

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