[horde] How to pass "Horde LDAP Auth Credentials" to "IMP" ?

Markus Binder markus.binder at globalways.net
Tue Apr 22 06:32:04 PDT 2003

currently I try to set up Horde using Ldap Authentication. -> Works fine.
Now my question is, is there a way how to pass the authenticated Horde Login
Credentials to IMP, so users do not have to login again to imp.
We're using Horde CVS HEAD.

Horde and the IMAP (Cyrus) as backend of IMP all use LDAP Authentication with
the same "basedn". -> Works fine.
So the only Problem is to pass authentication from Horde to IMP.

Any ideas or probably hooks ?

Kindest regards,

Markus Binder


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