[horde] Re: [newbie] Signup problem again

Dmitry Diskin dda at ic.ru
Tue Apr 22 09:55:03 PDT 2003

Hello Marko,

I did not touch this part of hooks.php - it is from 
horde/config/hooks.php.dist,v 1.35 2003/03/24 02:59:04

Here is some more information (replied directly to Ian):

I forgot to say (sorry) that after that fatal error message account *is*
created, and I can log in. Moreover, if I go to Administration -> Users
and try to edit user information (add full name), I get the following:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: setpref() in
/home/dda/horde/lib/Identity.php on line 106

This is a fresh Horde installation, and it is 'experimental', so I
probably missed something important.

Best regards,

Marko Djukic wrote:
> Quoting Dmitry Diskin <dda at ic.ru>:
>>After signing up, I'm getting the message
>>A fatal error has occurred:
>>Unable to add extra user information when signing up.
>>Details have been logged for the administrator.
>>And logfile contains:
>>[emergency] [horde] Unable to add extra user information when signing up
>>[on line 96 of "/home/dda/horde/lib/Signup.php"]
>>I use latest CVS sources (i.e. horde/lib/Signup.php,v 1.6 2003/04/16
>>22:31:06) .
>>What should I check first?
> what have you set up in horde/config/hooks.php as your signup function to add
> extra user info: _horde_hook_signup_addextra()? it's most probably that which
> is creating this error...
> marko

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