[horde] Email Errors instead of logging them??

Hobbs, Richard hobbs at mongeese.co.uk
Wed Apr 23 08:29:36 PDT 2003


Very rarely the following occurs:

  |            A fatal error has occurred:          |
  |             << ERROR APPEARS HERE >>            |
  |                                                 |
  | Details have been logged for the administrator. |

...but this involves me FTPing into my remote machine, finding the log file,
downloading it, viewing it, and looking at the last lines in the file.

If it possible to have it simply email me the log file entry as well as putting
it in the log file?

Obviously, i don't want to be emailed the entire log file, but any errors that
occur would be nice to have thru email.

Is this feature available yet?? if not... maybe a suggestion for future :-)


Richard Hobbs
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