[horde] Parse Error

Alexandros Trikaliotis trikali at oberberg-online.de
Thu Apr 24 08:44:16 PDT 2003

Hello all,

I tried a few times to install horde, imp and turba.
Today I think, I started the last try. But I have some

Starting the URL http://myserver/horde oder /horde/imp 
shows me the login window but I can not proceed using 
an exiting pop-account. 

It causes the following error: 

Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING in xxx/config/horde.php on
line 161

Line 161   $conf['prefs']'params'['database']='horde';
Line 162   $conf['prefs']'params'['table']='horde_prefs';

My prefs.sql looks like this (I don't have changed anything).


create table horde_prefs (
  pref_uid	char(255) not null,
  pref_scope	char(16) not null default '',
  pref_name	char(32) not null,
  pref_value	text,
  primary key (pref_uid. Pref_scope, pref_name)

grant select, insert, update, delete on on horde_prefs to horde;


Please could someone give me a hint how to solve this problem? 
I should mention that I have not much knowledge in using (my)sql.



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