[horde] Re: Compatibility with Red Hat 9.0

Edward Burr horde at email.burr.cc
Thu Apr 24 19:28:07 PDT 2003

I now have on my Red Hat 9 system:

   Horde 2.2.3
   Imp 3.2.1
   Kronolith 1.1-RC3
   Mnemo 1.1
   Nag 1.1
   Turba 1.2
   Pear 1.0.1

I used stock Red Hat software where possible:
   httpd (apache) 2.0.40-21.1
   php 4.2.2-17

I have not done extensive customization (just the green
theme) or testing, but so far it all appears to be 
working well.

In fact, I am writing this email using Imp now.

Thanks for this great product!

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