[horde] Idea for new Horde project

Jeff Donnici jeff at donnici.com
Sat Apr 26 15:22:18 PDT 2003


First, I want to commend the Horde team on such a fine job. I've
downloaded and/or played around with Horde, Imp, Chora, and Kronolith.
All are top-notch efforts and fine examples of what open source
development should be like.

Next, my question... I'm wondering if there has been any discussion of
building a requirements management system as a Horde project. I think it
would be a great addition the existin CVS interface, bug tracking, and
so on. I even have a catchy name -- Cyara, which stands for
"cover-your-ass requirements analysis". :)

Anyway, I'd be happy to pick up the ball on this and run with it, but
first I had a few questions. I've browsed around the horde.org site and
it answered a couple questions, but...

1 - Is there already such a project underway or being considered?

2 - Is there a narrative document on "starting a new Horde project"? I
found the presentation slides on the /papers/ page, but I'm hoping for
something that's more narrative and possible a downloadable format that
can be read offline and/or easily printed.

3 - Similarly, is there a narrative document for the Horde framework
itself? Again, I found some slide presentation types of things on
/papers/, but am wondering if maybe there's some documentation with more
information, and possibly that can be referenced easier than an online
slide show. My hope is that it'd contain class library details,
examples, etc.

Thanks very much and I apologize in advance if I overlooked the
blindingly obvious answers to any of these.


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