[horde] Idea for new Horde project

Jeff Donnici jeff at donnici.com
Sun Apr 27 12:27:38 PDT 2003

> Hee. :) No, there isn't such a project yet, exactly, or talk 
> of one that I remember. I'd be curious on how you see it 
> interacting with/differing from Whups?

Well, off the top of my head (meaning "with perhaps no validity")...

Based on what I read about Whups at horde.org and on the mailing list
archives, it sounds to me like Whups is aimed more at "configuration
management" than "project management". I may be way off on this as I
haven't actually looked at the Whups code, tried to install it, etc.

In any case, I see CM as being a tool for development efforts... Bug
tracking, source control, release management, build tools, etc.

On the other hand, PM is more a tool for stakeholders, users, AND
developers -- what are we building, what are the steps we take to build
it, how many people are on the team to build it, and how long do we
think it will take? A requirements system addresses the "what are we
building" and is sort of a two-faced type of system -- one face is for
the managers/customers to provide input on what a software project must
do and prioritize those requirements. The other face is for the
developers... As the requirements get approved and prioritized, it's
their main source of information for beginning the software design
phase. In other words, it gives them the "what to build" so they can go
figure out the "how to build it" part.

On the other hand... There may be some value in having all of that under
one roof. For developers and QA staff, having the ability to tie a
functional requirement to specific version of a file in source control,
or a specific build may be cool when you add the ability to link
directly from the requirement to the file/build info. 

So perhaps requirements management is a part of the Whups charter, with
a different type of interface/functionality depending on who's viewing
the requirements (management, users, developers, etc). Again, I'm just
thinking out loud...

> Unfortunately, no. If you ask here and let us know what 
> you're looking for, we'll do our best.

No worries. I'll download the current stuff and start digging around. 

On a related note... The code that I've currently got for
Horde/Kronolith/Imp is a few months out of date. If my intent is to
start in on a new project and/or dig into an existing project, should I
use the current 2.x "stable" version or the 3.x version (which is the
HEAD version, right?).

Thanks again,


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