[horde] (no subject)

Ben Lake ben.lake at archose.com
Mon May 5 00:00:25 PDT 2003


I am attempting to install the Horde Framework v2.2.3 and after
following the limited instructions, I go to the test.php page. I see
that everything is ok until I get to the PEAR stuff. Here's what I get:

PEAR - Yes 
Recent PEAR - Yes 
Mail - Yes 
Log - No 
Make sure you are using a version of PEAR which includes the Log
classes, or that you have installed the Log package separately. See the
INSTALL file for instructions on installing Log. 
DB - Yes 
Net_Socket - Yes 
Date - No 
Horde requires the Date_Calc class for Kronolith to calculate dates. 
HTML_Common/HTML_Select - No 
Horde requires the HTML_Common and HTML_Select classes only for
Kronolith 1.0 to display forms correctly. 
Unknown error: main() [function.main]: Failed opening
'Mail/mimeDecode.php' for inclusion

Now I'm not yet worried about the unknown error, I am more interested as
to why it thinks 'Log' is not installed when it is. A quick %pear list
says Log is there! I even did a rm -R on the PEAR directory, confirmed
that test.php should explode because no PEAR, and re-installed PEAR
again with 'Log'. Etc. but it refuses to see it! What the heck is going
on? The same thing is happening with HTML_Common and HTML_Select (a.k.a.
HTML_Select_Common) and I don't see a 'Date_Calc' when I do a %pear
list-all... sigh

Any ideas appreciated.

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