[horde] expand_from and pref_uid

adam adam at looney.com
Mon May 5 11:00:54 PDT 2003

Hi guys,
I'm a bit stumped.
I've used the expand_from address to get our actual email addresses
which are in the format 'first.last at mail'.
However, when I try to use turba, or even horde_prefs, horde trys to use
'First Last at mail' as the owner_id.  
Users login using 'First Last', so I at least 
understand where this is coming from.  I was wondering if someone could
help me to figure out what else I need to change in order to make this
work.  Should I just convert the database (updated from imp 2.1) to use 
'first last at mail'?
I understand that in the CVS there is a hooks.php with some further 
functionality in this area.  Could that be my solution?


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