[horde] Performance

Thomas Schlatter tschlatter at innovate-it.ch
Wed May 7 04:11:01 PDT 2003

Hi all

We are evaluating the Horde Framework (Horde, IMP, Gollem, Kronolith, Trean,
Turba, Sork) for a large Internet Services Company with many users.

For a quick overview, I would be glad to get some rough numbers about your
installation of Horde (e.g. how many users, mail-throuput/how many emails
per day, how many instances of Horde are running, a.s.o. just some numbers
you have in your mind). 

Are there any known limits of Horde concerning performance, number of
concurrent users, etc.?

Does anyone know the names of companies running some real large installation
of Horde?

Any comments are very appreciated.

Thomas Schlatter

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