[horde] permissions ?

Andy andy at stronzo.d2g.com
Sat May 10 09:58:12 PDT 2003


Having the exactly same problems since +/- 10 days. Even after updating an
existing, fine working installation, this behavior appeared at THIS box.

Now I did a fresh install via cvs co Horde from CVS yesterday on a
fresh-installed and -updated RedHat 7.3 Box with Apache 1.3.27, mysql as
backend 3.23.54a, php 4.3.1

After setting up the Horde-DB with mysql (mysql -u root -p
<mysql_create.sql) and doing a mysql horde -u root -p <initial_user.sql I
am able to login as "admin". So long it seems to be okay, but I can't add
calendars, notes, tasks, bookmarks etc. Also having no ability to change my
options in the modules.

So I go switching the prefs and category in horde/config/conf.php to "sql".

Now I can edit my options, okay, that works.

But still can't add calendars, tasks, etc.pp. Getting a notice like that:

Notice: Object to string conversion in /usr/local/lib/php/DB/mysql.php on
line 667

What is in line 667, I posted here several times the last days.
Unfortunately I can't have look at it this moment.

Is there another way to set up Horde in between, has something changed?


Quoting s.burfin at wanadoo.fr:

| hello,
| i have installed cvs head versions of horde, kronolith,...
| I put my category driver to sql.
| When i want to change permissions, or groups in admin tab, or want to add
| event in kronolith, nothing appends.
| for example, when i click on save after modify permissions, the cases
| stay
| empty. For kronolith, when i click on 'save envent', i saw "you do not
| have
| permission to add event", and even if i go on kronolith options, i don't
| see
| any calendar to choose.   ????
| Thanks for help...
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