[horde] double in delete folder

steven.TSE steven.tse at possehlelectronics.com.hk
Mon May 12 00:12:26 PDT 2003

thanks for the advise.  i've tried turning off the option, and the mail
would marked as delete in the inbox.  It works well with default option.
Moreover, I found that when i click the "empty trash", it will logout
immediately and saying the session is expired (but i just login

i *guess* it maybe a little program bug?

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> Hi, i'm using Horde 2.2.3 + imp 3.2.1 on a qmail + courier IMAP.  I found
> that everytime i delete a message with imp, it will have twice in trash
> folder!!  Notice i have selected "move delete message to delete folder
> instead of mark it as delete".  Moreover, it wouldn't happen with mail
> clients like Outlook express, so it should be IMP's problem.  Please
> thankyou very much!

have you tried turning this option off and seeing if you get one copy of the
mail into your deleted folder?

It's possible that your server is configured to move mail into that folder
automatically, therefore by telling IMP to do it aswell, you would get


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