[horde] Horde/IMP woes

Ron Hall thorn at cc.mcgill.ca
Thu May 15 08:22:08 PDT 2003


	I've still no resolution to my problem so I'll re-state it and
	hope the horde/imp gurus are more kindly disposed this fine
	morning, or the influence of th eupcoming eclipse with
	sufficiently mollify the list to shed some light (I broke the
	metaphor - I know, I  know) on the problem.

	Latest Horde setup with php 4.3.1 and apache_1.3.27.
	(Can find it at tempest.cc.mcgill.ca:88 - for the curious).

	Using file-based (at least that is the intent) I can connect
	to the IMAP/POP services, but I see no messages...or more
	correctly I see no messages after the first login at that
	point I see messages. Every subsequent login shows no

	This is just a horde/imp installation on other components.
	Any help would be appreciated.


	As Always


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