[horde] installing both stable & cvs versions

Roger B.A. Klorese rogerk at queernet.org
Mon May 26 20:25:40 PDT 2003

Jan Schneider wrote:

>Zitat von Meyrick Chapman <meyrick at hedge-analytics.com>:
>>I have a nicely configured & working stable version of horde located at
>>htdocs/horde & would like to play around with the cvs version - espcially
>>gollem. From a cursory look at the code it looks like the assumed
>>structure is /horde for both versions.  I can reset the default directory
>>structure in the configs files of each application (imp, turba,
>>gollem, etc) but is there a generic means of changing the root directory
>>a parallel installation?
>Yes, in the Horde stanza of registry.php.

Explicitly, please?

In the presence of the following structure:

|- horde-20030526
    |- horde
    |- imp
    |- turba

...what changes should be made to make it show up as 
/horde-20030526/horde , /horde-20030526/horde/imp and so on?

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