[horde] Now, i can login. How the heck do i administer this thing?

Eric Rostetter eric.rostetter at physics.utexas.edu
Mon May 26 21:50:11 PDT 2003

Quoting Chris Rose <offline at shaw.ca>:

> Eric Rostetter wrote:
> > Quoting Chris Rose <offline at shaw.ca>:
> > In what version of Horde?
> >
> The latest.  2.2.3  I downloaded it about a week ago, so latest may no
> longer be the case...

Still the latest release version.

> > Via what interface?  Can you get to the admin interface via an icon on
> > the screen?
> In this case, i can log in as the admin user that i added thanks to
> assistance from this list, but all i'm presented with is a basically
> blank page.  I have an "Options" icon that allows me to set my language
> and display opts, and a mail - compose link and a link to log into mail.

>From the options, you can add other things to this screen.  But to be
able to add much, you will need to add additional modules to your
installation.   But even with just Horde and IMP you can modify this
screen to add some stuff.

You won't see much for an admin to do, because there really isn't any
admin support in Horde 2.2.x.  Admin support is mainly a CVS HEAD thing.

> > Depends on what you want to administer, your Horde version, and your
> > setup.
> Anything at all would be a start :)

No real support in most of the release versions...  If you really want
the admin stuff, you'd basically have to upgrade to CVS HEAD, and I'm
not recommending that.
> > They are documented in the config files, which you should have read
> > when you started configuring your setup.
> Already done.  That's fine, i just wasn't sure whether there's more info
> somewhere, since i've already seen options mentioned that weren't in the
> config files.  Assuming that there aren't too many more, i should be okay.

The options you are seeing that are not in your config files are in other
versions and not in your version.  You don't see them since they don't
apply to your version.

As such, adding them will not do any good.

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