[horde] spanish translation and solaris 8

Angel L. Mateo Martínez amateo at um.es
Fri May 30 04:32:57 PDT 2003

El jue, 22 de 05 de 2003 a las 16:47, Angel L. Mateo Martínez escribió:
> 	I have a problem trying to run horde & imp in a solaris 9 server with
> spanish translation. The problem I have is that although I select
> Spanish in the language selection box, horde and imp displays messages
> in english, although I can read the help in spanish.
> 	I have read that you have to recompile the language files with msgfmt
> command and that solaris has a problem with its gettext and GNU gettext.
> I have try both gettext's versions, but spanish doesn't work.
	Finally, it was just a silly environment variable. I set LC_ALL=es_ES
just before launching apache (it previously was LC_ALL=C) and all works

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