[horde] vfs.ftp

nappy_d nappy_d at rogers.com
Thu Jul 3 06:34:16 PDT 2003

This is gonna sound stupid, maybe(somebody tell me if I am wrong).  Can you
check your directory permissions?  I know when I first started using
Horde/IMP I was getting all kind of messages similar to this and it had to
do with permissions.  I had to chown apache:root /var/www/html/horde/* After
doing this, al my error messages stopped.  Don't know if that will help you
or not
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> Hello,
> could somebody please help me in solving this error:
> https://stronzo.d2g.com/gollem.jpg
> It doesn't matter if vfs-settings is 'sql' or 'file' in
> Thank you!
> Andy
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