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Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Fri Jul 4 10:42:34 PDT 2003

Zitat von David Chang <david at thbuo.gov.tw>:

> Hi all:
> Sorry for this message again.Cause i have reported this problem for a
> long time
> but no one respone it.
> I have found in some situations horde's form do not save Chinese string
> to
> Mysql backend with correct format.
> For example :
> 1.In Turba,When i add an new contact with Chinese in Turba.Entry was
> saved but
> Chinese-string format lost.
>    Ref screenshot http://www.thbuo.gov.tw/~txg16/tmp/form_1.jpg
>                   http://www.thbuo.gov.tw/~txg16/tmp/form_2.jpg

If just tried this to check if the problem still persists and couldn't
reproduce it.

Then I recognized what you actually did and noticed that this simply can't
work: you use the English interface, disabled utf and entered a Chinese
string. How should that work?
If you use the English interface, all data is expected to be entered in
iso-8859-1. If your browser allows you to enter different characters, it is
broken. The result you see is the conversion of you Chinese string from
iso-8859-1 to big-5 and back to iso-8859-1. No wonder it looks weird.

Either enable utf support (I'll do this globally anyway soon) or enter
Chinese strings with the Chinese interface.


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