[horde] Duplicated api.php crashes Horde menu

Dmitry Diskin dda at ic.ru
Sat Jul 5 04:58:03 PDT 2003

Hello All,

I'm creating custom Horde application, and I took Nag as a sample and 
duplicated it's folder with different name.

I have made several changes to variables, constants, etc. I also changed 
/horde/config/registry.php - made Nag inactive and my application 
active. Everything worked just fine. But when I decided to show Nag in 
menu as well, and made it active too, Horde showed dark frame instead of 
the left menu. No messages, no log file lines. After hours of debugging 
(actually inserting Horde::logMessage() calls - is the a better way to 
debug PHP application, btw?) I've found that the code dies completely 
inside hasMethod() -> $this->_fillAPICache() call. I looked inside and 
found that it calls my api.php from Nag twice (I did not edit/remove 
this file in my application folder). I'm new to PHP, but it seems that 
it dies silently...

I solved my problem by removing api.php from my application's 'lib' 
folder for a while. Does this problem require a patch? Should it be 
reported somehow?

Sorry for my English.

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