[horde] Re: Duplicated api.php crashes Horde menu

Dmitry Diskin dda at ic.ru
Sat Jul 5 22:47:37 PDT 2003

Chuck Hagenbuch wrote:
> Quoting Dmitry Diskin <dda at ic.ru>:
>>I'm creating custom Horde application, and I took Nag as a sample and
>>duplicated it's folder with different name.
> When your app calls $registry->pushApp(), in base.php, what name does it
> specify?

It specifies correct (my application) name. I changed base.php, and I 
just forgot to look into api.php to make changes. So, api.php was 
exactly the same as in Nag/lib directory. Now I have renamed it to 
api.php.orig and menu showed.


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