[horde] Horde auth looping

Alberto Bengoa alberto at bengoa.com.br
Mon Jul 21 18:52:54 PDT 2003


I'm having some dificulties with the IMAP + Horde/IMP

I just can't authenticate my acounts.

It happens that after typing username and password, the apache acts
like 'looping'. If I 'top' it, for exemple, I can see apache taking
all the CPU.

What I don't understand is that it does't make any mark in IMAP log,
as if the informations does't 'hit' IMAP, and in apache log I can't
identify any error message.

I've tested the IMP at its test page, and typing
username/password/server, its working normaly with IMAP server. But,
when I do it by index of Horde, the same does't happens.

It is really similar to a 'looping' case.

Does anyone have passed by a similar experience?

info about my sistem:

Linux Debian Sarge/Testing 3.1
Apache 1.3.27
PHP4 4.1.2
Courier-imap 1.5.1
horde 2.2.3
imp 3.2.1
pear 1.1

I apreciate any help!

Thank you, very mutch,

Alberto Bengoa

P.s.: I'm Brasilian and my inglish is not so good, so I hope you
undestand my message and my dificulty.

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