[horde] FastCGI

Peter Carter peterc at pbc.ottawa.on.ca
Thu Jul 24 23:42:04 PDT 2003

I am running into a bit of a strange error with horde and fastcgi.

I have a iPlanet 6.0 ws under SOlaris8/Sparc and use imap for the auth.

When I use cgi mode for php, horde/imp works as advertised. When I run the site 
under fastCGI, I cannot log in.

If I log in under cgi mode, change the webserver to do fastcgi, I can progress 
through the site fine. However, if I post something like a mail message, it 
drops it and returns me back to the form blanked.

Under fastCGI, phpmyadmin works fine.

Any cues?

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