[horde] Horde/IMP login possibilities

MiikaT mlist.horde2 at finansium.fi
Sat Jul 26 08:15:39 PDT 2003


Horde 2.2.3 + imp 3.2.1 work fine locally. I'm implementing another remote
imaps server into horde and ran into following questions. When I initially log 
into horde, it's setup to authenticate against local imap server. I configured 
imp to display local and remote imap/imaps servers in login. Local server 
works ok, but remote fails. If I disable horde+imp simulatanius login and 
login to horde with local userid and to remote imaps server with remote userid 
everything works fine. 

Is it possible to configure initial horde login to select correct(=remote, if 
necessary) login server, so one could still login only once into the system?


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