[horde] Still can't login

Marvin David Webster mdwebster at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 23 07:56:15 PDT 2003

I am still not able to figure this one out.  I think I may have Apache configured wrong.  When I try to bring up webmail using using http://webmail.nevercaughtup.com I get a blank page.  
I think I should only enter http://nevercaughtup.com/horde/test.php to run 
the test, but I get a 404 error if I don't precede the domain name with "webmail."

Horde is installed in the following directory.

Version: psa v5.0.5_build030207.16 os_RedHat 7.3 
OS: Linux 2.4.18-3 
Directories:  /var/qmail/mailnames 

Thanks gang.  I have only been subscribed to this list for a week or so, but I am finding it invaluable.  

Marvin David Webster

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