[horde] re:odd problem with bottom menu selection

Kevin Bonner xherbiex at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 14 15:42:33 PDT 2003

>Zitat von Kevin Bonner <xherbiex at hotmail.com>:
>>I've also had a couple of complaints from people using a fully patched
>>version of IE6 browser that when they try to login horde just brings up
>>login screen again. I tryed it from home and had the same result from all
>>the icons EXCEPT if I pressed the mail icon first I could get into imp.
>>other icon just resulted in the login screen. For now I'm advising people
>>with this problem to use mozilla. I know there are known issues with
>>Adviser in IE but I checked mine and this was not enabled. Are there
>>known issues?
>>I should mention that we are setup so the url is "/" instead of "/horde"
>>we are using imp to login.
>Did you also change the cookie_patch to "/"?

Yes the cookie_path in registry.php is set to '/'.

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