[horde] Wap problems

Delian Krustev krustev at krustev.net
Thu Oct 16 04:38:21 PDT 2003


I want to use imp and mimp in the same installation.
If I set the auth->driver to application it could be either
imp or mimp. This way either the wap users will have to
auth via text/html or web users to auth via mimp(which
speaks text/html as I see). 

Is it possible to use different application for authentication
based on the "Accept" http header(either html or wap) ?

I'm using the nokia mobile browser to test mimp. Can You point
me to some other wap browser simulator ?
I get the login screen but I can't login. I'm getting "WML Browser:
Bad content encountered!" when I try to submit the login form.
The form is actually not submitted and the error message is returned
from the browser. Strange since the page seems rendered correctly.
Unfortunately there's no "view page source function" for the wap
content in nokia's browser.

horde/imp/mimp versions are as expected - the latest and greatest
from the cvs ;)

Anyone ?

Best Regards,
Delian Krustev

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