[horde] RE: # [ALERT] Fatal error: (Filters RANT)

swap swap at graphic-design.com
Thu Dec 4 04:19:38 PST 2003

Well, I guess I'm not crazy after all.

A reader of this list wrote me to inquire about several
posts I've made over the past few weeks -- ALL UNANSWERED --

   > Did you ever solve the problem with your filters?
   > I am also getting errors from the filters and thought
   > your solution might help.

So someone else has a broken HORDE as well?

No I've found no solutions.

And I'm very frustrated with both the list, and the program.

I'm frustrated with the list because I've never seen
anything like it in all my years of subscribing to lists.

In all those experiences when you post a question you usually
get at least TWO good solutions.  Not on the HORDE list.
It's as if...

     "Hey, we know it's buggy and doesn't work
      -- so don't answer him"

Horde's filters seem to be random and arbetrary.

I got them all fixed and for two days they worked perfectly
deleting hundreds of spams.

Then only four -- ending with [ALERT] Fatal error:

Nothing had changed in the filter sets.
There are dozens of spams which MATCH the rules still in my
box. So why break?

Next day,  maybe 50 and the ALERT

It seems to find something in the queue that it doesn't
like and queers out. Once it's broken, it's broken.

And it doesn't say which email it stopped on, nor WHY
it broke. Just that it's now broken.

It doesn't skip the email that stopped it and continue.
Once it stops it stops. Even though there may be hundreds
more spams perfectly matching rules.

I've tried everything.  Even deleting emails one by one
looking for the specific one that broke HORDE.

I've changed the order of the rules.
I've tested spellings and caps.
I've spent hundreds of hours on it with no success.

They're ALL legal filters... then, all of a sudden it works
again, deleting hundreds of spams. Then it breaks again.

I went to the web-based HORDE interface to get rid of hundreds
of spams a day BEFORE they reached my local computer email
client.  It's wonderful for that.

When I discovered the filters it was like a revelation from
God. They worked and worked like a dream until they broke.

When they fix themselves again, it's like I've been granted
a second chance on life... "Okay -- ALL RIGHT -- here we go!"
... but then they break again.

My ISP refuses to install Blackhole filters at server level.
We're being pummled by millions of spams a month.

He knows nothing about HORDE but insists on using it.
Surely there's a server level filter that works with HORDE.

If I could get rid of HORDE I would.

But I'm just a helpless user.

I've offered to pay for a better software package.
I've offered to pay programmers to FIX the darn thing.
I can't even find a good hacker to hire!

I'm convinced the spam-filter industry is behind much of the spam...
or perpetuating it. They probably filter some of the spam but
secretly SELL their email lists to spammers, or sell them the rules
so just those who pay get their spam delivered unfiltered.

Now I have to either find a new ISP or Kill my email address
which has been in use since 1994.  It's sad. Real sad.

I hit the 500 spams mark the other day.
500 spams and probably a dozen legitimate emails.

It seems like now there are more criminals on the web than good
people... if it were a real society we would be doomed. It's sickening.

My mom's identity was stolen yesterday because of a security breach
in eBay.  Yup, we had the Feds in and everything.
Now she has to kill all her passwords, charge card,
and bank account because of the low lifes.

What we need is an email revolution.


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