[horde] RE: [ALERT] Fatal error: (Apologies)

Amith Varghese amith at xalan.com
Fri Dec 5 08:16:37 PST 2003

Quoting sisterscape <sisterscape at yahoo.com>:

| Thanks for this bit of info.  I see our server is running Internet
| Messaging Program (IMP) 3.2.2.  Might that help solve the error I am
| getting with the filters?

Unfortunately filters have been rewritten in HEAD so someone who a) has written
and worked with the older filters or b) has 3.2.2 setup will need to
investigate this.  Alot of us run HEAD and can't really help you too much.

Also what IMAP server are you using.  The only way that I know you can tell is
if you look at the Received: header in your mail.  Mine says:


    * (qmail 26370 invoked by uid ***); 5 Dec 2003 15:53:56 -0000

If you don't have anything there, then you can try to telnet to the IMAP port

telnet <IMAP Server IP> 143

Some times the server prints out identifying information.  Note, that its
possible that your ISP does not have this machine available to the outside
world and you might not be able to access it.

Or the last possibility, just ask your ISP :)


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